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Marine Products Division – Main Activities

The marine products division handles the marketing of marine products both in the form of raw materials and processed foods. Through our network in various key points of the world like Singapore, Vietnam, China, Chile, America and Turkey we deliver raw materials and processed foods to the manufacturers and traders around the world.

Main Products

Marine Products Section 1all varieties of squid, unagi eel, maguro tuna, tako octopus, kurage jellyfish, fresh and processed fish from the Southern hemisphere, ebi shrimp and prawns and hotate scallops.
Marine Products Section 2all varieties of dried marine products and dried chinmi delicacies; all varieties of processed foods(tsukudani preserved fish boiled in soy sauce, surimi products made from ground marine products, confections and food products in retort containers); distinctive products from different parts of the world and pet food.
Marine Products Section 3All varieties of fish eggs including shake salmon, masu trout, kazu-no-ko herring roe, ikura salmon eggs, sukeko raw cod roe, shishamo smelt roe and tobiko flying-fish eggs; all kinds of processed foods including fish cakes of various types using crab, groundfish, green vegetables, and ground fishmeat and hiraki sakana split and opened fish; small salted and dried fish including shellfish, chirimen boiled and dried tiny sardines, whole dried fish; processed anago conger eel, akiami paste shrimp and tsunonashi okiami krill; fresh water fish; agricultural products like kurumi walnuts and seaweed like konbu and wakame.
Overseas Sales SectionIn charge of sales outside of Japan of fresh and processed marine products and ingredients and utensils for washoku Japanese cooking. Including fresh fish, processed marine products, all kinds of fishcakes using ground fishmeat, delicacies, food in retort containers, rice, miso bean paste, seasonings, Japanese sake, tsukemono pickles, noodles, chicken eggs, confections, hannama-gashi half-dried sweets, frozen desserts, fresh fruits and vegetables, dishes and cooking utensils for washoku Japanese food, baran ornamental space dividers for serving dishes, edible gold leaf, containers for tare marinades, etc.