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At the Goshoku Corporation our motto is, “Food Connects People, People Make Food Connect.” In order to use food to connect people and to make for a richer future for the people of the world, we have divided our activities into three main groups, marketing, manufacturing and shipping and are working to expand these activities globally.

What We Look for in an Employee

1. Honesty
2. Strong urge for constant improvement
3. Ability to deal with situations positively and cheerfully
4. Ability to work with and adapt to other people
5. Flexibility and ability to make quick decisions when necessary

Of course there aren’t many people that are perfect and have all these qualities. But don’t worry if you don’t fill all these qualifications. If you have confidence that you have one or two of these qualifications, that is enough for you to start working for us. Then you can work on learning the other skills one by one. We want you seriously consider coming to work for Goshoku and we can work together to develop personally.

There are all kinds of elements to these 5 qualities, for example:
Honesty: This, of course, means being honest, but also means being fair, humble and to not undercut others.
Strong urge for constant improvement: desire to challenge yourself with new things, competitive spirit, having strict standards for your self and having high goals.
Ability to deal with situations positively and cheerfully: not wanting to give up easily, looking at things positively, ability to make others feel at ease.
Ability to work with and adapt to other people: consideration for you co-workers, ability to listen to what others are saying, ability to work as part of a team.
Flexibility and ability to make quick decisions when necessary: ability to quickly grasp the important points of a matter, ability to think ahead and project what situations might arise in future stages, ability to come up with creative solutions.

If you are confident that you have some of these qualities, show us and maybe you can become part of the Goshoku team.

This is Why We Are Happy and Proud to Work at Goshoku

Here are the main features of the Goshoku Corporation. First, we have a comprehensive ability to meet the needs of our customers through every stage of the process, from getting the raw materials to developing and manufacturing processed food both for the general consumer and businesses and institutions, then including marketing, storage and shipping. Second, we have the know how to develop high-quality, low-cost products with our experience in searching out sources for marine products, ability to guarantee quality and technical abilities. Also, our company’s strong point is our experience with working globally, both in guaranteeing supplies of marine products worldwide and in marketing processed and fresh food around the globe. Around the world the demand for marine products is increasing and UNESCO has designated “Washoku – Japanese food” a World Cultural Heritage. We are playing our part to spread Japanese food around the world – how about joining us?