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Going Beyond Just Complying with Food Safety Standards

At Goshoku, we are not content with just complying with food safety laws, but considering the concerns and safety of our consumers, we have established our own very high standards of product quality. Through the entire process from obtaining raw materials to the processing and shipping we strive to maintain these standards.

Observing Food Safety Standards

In order to always to be able to deliver high quality products to our customers we are always testing our new products and factories. Our plants in Japan have received ISO 22000 certification, but over and above that, we have also established our own strict quality standards. We apply these standards not only to our plants in Japan, but also our plants outside of Japan as well.

Goshoku’s Quality Chain

At Goshoku, we believe that quality control applies not only through the procurement and manufacturing process, but until the very moment that our customers appreciate the deliciousness of our products. From getting the raw materials through manufacturing, storing and shipping we strive to monitor and maintain the high quality and flavor of our products.